2015 Solar eclipse

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To study the partial solar eclipse which occurred on 20th March 2015 at 8.34am

The sensors we used were:






Barometric Air pressure

The Loggers we used were:

2 x Voyager

1 x Explorer

uLog Temperature, Light and Sensor adapter with UV sensor

New LogIT Observer

We setup the sensors as shown:



Note that we have used a large piece of white card to reflect the sun light into the light sensors on the table.  This is the correct method of recording ambient light otherwise the sensors would over range if directed directly at the sun.  

The Humidity and Air pressure sensors are located off to the right of the image with the uLog sensors mounted on their own clamp stand.  The laptop is used to record the uLog data whilst the other loggers are set to 'Autolog'.


We found the the Air pressure remained constant but we obtained a Temperature drop of 2.5 degrees Celsius, an Ultraviolet drop of 1.1W/m2 and surprisingly an increase in Humidity of 23.4%.

LUX levels went down an average of 5500 LUX


If you wish to use our gathered data, all recorded values are contained in the following CSV files for loading into a Spreadsheet.  Alternatively you may download the SensorLab data if required.

Eclipse_2015_CSV_Data.zip (CSV format for use in spreadsheets)

Eclipse_2015_SensorLab_Data.zip (SLD format for use in SensorLab software)