Software Activation

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Q: How do I acquire an activation code for my software?

A: Supplied with any LogIT software is a license sheet.  This will contain a URL address to register and acquire a software activation code.  It should look something like:  Use a web browser and type this address into the address line and follow the online instructions.


Q: I have entered the details and have not received my code via email?

A: The code is automatically sent to your supplied email address. Please check your address is correct.  On the rare occasion that you do not receive this code within a short space of time, please contact support.


Q: I cannot find my license, what do I do?

A: If you have lost your license, provided you registered with us, we should be able to find what code you were supplied with to get you going again.  We cannot, however, replace license codes if no license registration or proof of purchase is available.  In either case, please contact support.