Explorer data logger

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LogIT Explorer user manual (PDF) 

LogIT Explorer explorer experiments (©DCP PDF) 

With over 20,000 sold, Explorer sets the standard for data logging in Primary, Middle and Junior education. With built in sensors and software supplied it is ready to use straight from the pack.
Single Explorer packs start at UK £179 + vat or save upto £200 with Explorer multi packs.


  • Simple Green to start, Red to stop operation
  • 3 built in sensors Light, Temperature and Sound
  • Download for SensorLab for Explorer on Windows, Mac OSX & Linux!
  • Plug in up to 3 external sensors + supplied fibre optic cable
  • Single pin plugs for easy use by small hands
  • No set up required, simply plug in & go
  • View readings live on the built in screen or on a computer
  • Record and store data remotely to download into software later
  • Battery operated. Approx 1 year life during normal use
  • USB  connection (cable included)
  • Long range Bluetooth wireless adaptor available
  • Extremely robust and easy to handle
  • Complete with data logging resource guide
  • A LogIT storage foam insert compatible with most classroom storage trays will be supplied with the appropriate LogIT data logging packs

Technical Specifications

  • Sensors have built-in identification codes allowing automatic display in appropriate units
  • Alpha-numeric display (16 character x 2 line)
  • Automatic time scaling (AutoLogTM) for single button remote logging
  • Support for simple feedback control
  • Timing resolution 1024 microseconds (for time interval and speed measurement)



SensorLab software can be downloaded from our Support pages

Changes to LogIT Packaging - September 2015

Most schools now store equipment like data loggers inside Gratnell or similar tray systems which are now usually an integral part of the modern lab or classroom.

In line with this trend DCP are phasing out the plastic cases we have traditionally supplied in LogIT data logging sets and instead will be supplying foam inserts compatible with Gratnell and similar tray systems which customer feedback has told us will be much more relevant and useful.