Explorer Electric detective set

Posted in Primary Sensors

Follow Agent Flask as he helps students explore and experience Green electrical energy from natural resources like the wind, the sun and even fruit!

Using the Explorer Voltage Probe included in this set, students can safely and easily experiment with different forms of environmentally friendly energy to light a lamp or run a small electric motor.


The kit includes a model Wind turbine, Solar cell, Copper and Zinc terminals to make electricity from fruit or vinegar.  Battery holder for reusing old batteries and an Explorer Voltage probe to investigate and record which is the most effective.


A comprehensive 30 page booklet of printed photocopiable classroom investigations featuring Agent Flask, completes the set which is designed to make it easy for teachers to show young students how these new forms of energy are changing all of our lives.  Supplied in a standard Gratnells tray for convienient storage in schools.


Note this set also requires fruit, vinegar or old batteries to carry out all the investigations.  Some ideally need a sunny or windy day just like the real things, although unlike the real things, this can be simulated using a desk lamp or hair dryer.