SensorLab for Explorer

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SensorLab for Explorer


Explorer is supplied with full version single user SensorLab software. Simple to install, even on a network, SensorLab for Explorer is easily used and understood by children. It utilises simple icons and text and has 5 different skill levels to accommodate for differentiation in mixed ability classes. It requires minimal set up allowing maximum use of teaching time.

SensorLab is completely new software written specifically for the LogIT range, supporting many new and unique LogIT features.

Notably, it works on the three main platforms of computers, MAC, Linux and Windows (including Windows 7).

There are two versions, Standard which is shipped with LogIT data loggers and Plus which is available as a single or site version. A discounted upgrade pack to SensorLab PLUS site is also available for anyone with a license for any version of LogIT Lab site license or SensorLab Standard site license.

Major new features in SensorLab include:-

  • Compatible with MAC, Linux and Windows OS.
  • Set up templates
  • Absolute time and date in table format
  • Overlay from oscilloscope traces and from data files
  • Resources and work sheets along with setup templates

 SensorLab plus version only.  The Plus version is supplied in single and site license software packs.

To try SensorLab, visit the 'Software Downloads' from the main on the left, and download the version for your operating system.  Why not try all three versions?

Standard features for both versions include:-

  • 4 user levels - Very simple, Simple, Modest, Advanced supporting maximum pupil inclusion.
  • Split screen option allows data to be seen as Graph, table, Bars & big digits simultaneously.
  • Auto detection of equipment.
  • Export data in various formats including cut and paste directly into Excel or Inspire Data.
  • Autolog or manual settings.
  • Snapshot or continuous readings.
  • Fetch data stored remotely in any LogIT data logger.
  • Real time direct measurement of time interval, speed.
  • Overlay of repeated experiments.
  • Print results to any standard printer.
  • Reduced price upgrades from previous LogIT Lab versions available.