Black Box data logger

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LogIT Black Box is a real time USB datalogger which is easy to use, low cost and powerful with 3 sensor inputs for measuring and recording from a range of over 50 sensors. Unique live oscilloscope feature also lets you see and capture fast events such as Sound Waves on your computer screen!
Complete set with Blackbox, Software, 2 sensors & experiment
guide £99



  • Complete Lab in a box for £99! - uses standard Desk/notebook Windows PC or MAC OSX
  • Easiest, most complete and lowest cost datalogging solution for secondary science
  • Micro Colour LEDs automatically indicate each sensor input to graph trace
  • Comprehensive Investigation and Instruction book included
  • Really easy to own and use: No buttons, No Batteries, No problems!
  • Temperature sensor for measuring -10°C to +110°C range
  • Smart Eye sensor for light level, time and speed measurement
  • Fast scope mode for seeing sound waves, collisions etc
  • Uses PC for power and control - no batteries or switches!
  • Reliable and Robust - Black Box has exclusive 10 year warranty!
  • Designed, manufactured and supported in Great Britain


Contents of Black Box ONE set

  • Black Box 3 channel Datalogger
  • Temperature sensor
  • Smart Eye Light and Timing sensor
  • USB cable
  • Experiment & Instructions Book
  • 10 year Warranty registration - T&C apply
UK price £99

Warranty details


Contents of Black Box FIVE set

  • 5 Black Box 3 channel Datalogger
  • 5 Temperature sensor
  • 5 Smart Eye Light and Timing sensor
  • 5 USB cable
  • 5 Experiment & Instructions Books
  • 1 ProTemp temperature sensor
  • 1 Sensor extension cable
  • 1 10 year Warranty registration - T&C apply
  • LogIT storage foam insert compatible with most classroom storage trays 
UK price £495
SensorLab software can be downloaded from our Support pages

Changes to LogIT Packaging - September 2015

Most schools now store equipment like data loggers inside Gratnell or similar tray systems which are now usually an integral part of the modern lab or classroom.

In line with this trend DCP are phasing out the plastic cases we have traditionally supplied in LogIT data logging sets and instead will be supplying foam inserts compatible with Gratnell and similar tray systems which customer feedback has told us will be much more relevant and useful.