Black Box data logger

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LogIT Black Box is a real time USB datalogger which is easy to use, low cost and powerful with 3 sensor inputs for measuring and recording from a range of over 50 sensors. Unique live oscilloscope feature also lets you see and capture fast events such as Sound Waves on your computer screen!
Complete set with Blackbox, Software, 2 sensors & experiment guide £118.90 + vat



  • Complete Lab in a box for £99! - uses standard Desk/notebook Windows PC or MAC OSX
  • Easiest, most complete and lowest cost datalogging solution for secondary science
  • Micro Colour LEDs automatically indicate each sensor input to graph trace
  • Comprehensive Investigation and Instruction book included
  • Really easy to own and use: No buttons, No Batteries, No problems!
  • Temperature sensor for measuring -10°C to +110°C range
  • Smart Eye sensor for light level, time and speed measurement
  • Fast scope mode for seeing sound waves, collisions etc
  • Uses PC for power and control - no batteries or switches!
  • Reliable and Robust
  • Designed, manufactured and supported in Great Britain


Contents of Black Box ONE set

  • Black Box 3 channel Datalogger
  • Temperature sensor
  • Smart Eye Light and Timing sensor
  • 2 x Sensor leads
  • USB cable
  • Experiment & Instructions Book
UK price £118.90 + vat



Contents of Black Box FIVE set

  • 5 Black Box 3 channel Datalogger
  • 5 Temperature sensor
  • 5 Smart Eye Light and Timing sensor
  • 5 USB cable
  • 5 Experiment & Instructions Books
  • 1 ProTemp temperature sensor
  • 1 Sensor lead
  • Gratnells tray + 10 x additional sensor leads 
UK price £599.90 + vat
SensorLab software can be downloaded from our Support pages

Changes to LogIT Packaging

LogIT World have now started supplying Gratnells trays with all Black Box multi packs