Voyager data logger

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 Download Voyager manual 


Designed to meet the demands of data logging in Secondary ICT & Science with simplicity of use.
Now with oscilloscope mode!!
Complete set with Voyager, Software, 2 sensors & experiment guide from £204.50 + vat


General Science Teachers datalogging guide included.

  • Available for PC and MAC OSX operating systems.
  • Oscilloscope mode and fast data capture.
  • Really easy to use - Green to start, Red to stop, Blue for help.
  • Supplied with HiTemp and Smarteye sensor.
  • 3 sensor channels.
  • Use with the complete range of LogIT sensors.
  • Long range wireless 'Voyager SX Air' also available.
  • Built in timer for instant speed and time measurements.
  • LCD display.
  • USB interface.
  • Runs from AA batteries and USB interface.
  • Gratnells storage tray and insert supplied with multi packs of Voyager

Voyager has 20kHz (50us interval) sampling rate when used with SensorLab scope feature or triggered logging feature.

This is good for tuning forks etc up to about 4kHz depending on level of detail required.



SensorLab software can be downloaded from our Support pages

Changes to LogIT Packaging 

LogIT World have now started supplying Gratnells trays with all Voyager multi packs