iLog VideoLab data logging software

Posted in Secondary Software

Insight ilog VideoLab is a comprehensive progression from previous Insight programs which is packed with lots of easy-to-use features for collecting, displaying, analysing and modelling experimental data.



  • Video analysis – import or capture video and trace moving objects
  • Virtual logger simulates logging on screen, drawing data from sample files
  • Fast data collection - works like an oscilloscope
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Range of analysis tools including gradient, ratio, area, second order rates of change and more
  • A series of demonstration viewlets
  • Discounted upgrades from earlier Insight software

Insight iLog VideoLab is supported by easy-to-follow documentation on CD, including an extensive selection of curriculum resources and over 120 sample files for relevant experiments so that you can start using it in your classroom immediately.

Insight iLog Junior with animations is also available for younger students

One off payment, no annual renewal.